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The A-b-c Of How To Podcast

It is relatively easy really. All podcasting requires is a file to edit, publish on the web, the creation of a feed for subscription and the updating of other podcast sites and aggregators of the availability of your feed and viola, you could now be considered a legitimate podcaster.

Recording a podcast

First things first in podcast recording, you have to have software. If you have plans to go out in the field, a microphone and a recorder minidisc is important to bring. In podcasting, it is always important to get good sound. Usually though, equipment that doesn't compromise its quality costs much but Shure SM58 is an equipment that isn't only cheap but reliable as well.

Recording needs to be an exact science too. As much as possible, don't just be content with a working microphone or recording equipment. You have to always make sure that the equipment is actually recording. The level of noise should move when you are speaking to the recording equipment or microphone. The batteries will also have to last. Also, the microphone should be on. Always double and triple check.

Most podcasters utilize Skype in conducting interviews and recording them for podcast use.

Editing a podcast

Once a file has been recorded, the next step is in its editing. Be very cautious when conducting interviews. As much as possible, learn to not say okay very much when a nod would have just sufficed.

A software called Adobe Audition is used in the editing of podcasts. Another popular tool is Audacity. But the most effective software has been touted to be the Sony Sound Forge 8. It has been said that it is unmatched in its editing prowess.

For Macintosh users however, there is the Garageband.

Publishing a podcast

Once the recording has been uploaded to your own web site or blog, it is then time in the creation of a feed. A feed lets listeners subscribe to any of the podcasts you create.

Feedburner allows podcasters and bloggers in the creation of feeds via its service named SmartCast. What SmartCast does is that it converts feeds to RSS which could then be easily read by various programs such as iTunes as well as NetNewsWire.

Also, SmartCast offers extra information about podcasts, this include author, category, keywords and description when podcast searching.

All in all, podcasting is easy as long as you get the hang of it. It is also easy to learn if you really want to and if you are really interested to do podcasting.



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